Die Anwendung Der Methode Contextual Teaching And Learning Für Die Schreibfertigkeit Mit Der Brief Medien Der Schüler Klasse XI IPA 3 An Der SMA Negeri 1 Krian

Vina Prastica Sutrisno
Journal article Laterne • February 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 24 pages)


In this research study about the application of the method of Contextual Teaching and Learning in learning the German language writing skills. Contextual Teaching and Learning methods are applied in order to help students more easily to remember and understand the material. The research problems are (1) What is the process of learning German in German-speaking letter writing skills in class XI IPA 3 SMAN 1 KRIAN with methods CTL (Contextual Teaching und Learning)? (2) How can learning outcomes of learning German in letter writing skills ?. The purpose of the implementation of this study were: (1) Researchers can describe how the process of learning the German language in letter writing skills in German language by using CTL (Contextual Teaching und Learning). (2) Researchers can describe student learning outcomes in letter writing skills with the German language. This study used a qualitative method which will be described in descriptive. The results of the research that has been conducted to inform that: (1) The results of the assessment of student activities, among others: The first meeting of 45.66% in the medium category, the second meeting of 62.56% with a high category and the third meeting of 69.9% with a higher category, (2) Results of the German language writing skills learned in class XI IPA 3 SMAN 1 Krian increased. From the results obtained from the first meeting of the average - average value of the class is at number 64, at the second meeting has increased, reaching 73.26 and the third meeting of the average - average value of the class has reached 80.17.





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