Pengembangan Perangkat Pembelajaran IPA Terpadu Tipe Webbed Berorientasi Inkuiri Terbimbing Tema Rainbow Cake Untuk Siswa Smp/mts Kelas VIII

Siti Mansurotun
Journal article Pensa: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


This research has been conducted the development of teaching material of Integrated Science Type of Webbed Oriented Guided Inquiry by the  Theme Rainbow Cake For Students SMP / MTs Class VIII . This study aims to produce a viable device or valid for use in learning , knowing adherence to the implementation of learning , learning outcomes , and student responses to the learning device . This device development refers to the 4- D Models , but only reached the stage of develop (development). Advisability of science Integrated teaching material Type Webbed  Oriented Guided Inquiry With theme Rainbow Cake based on the assessment results of a science teacher and lecturer and student responses. Lecturer and teacher assessment includes syllabus , lesson plans , worksheets , student book, and the lattice sheet valuation . Learning device trials conducted in Class VIII A MTs Al - Hidayah Kendal , Ngawi many as 25 students . The results of the development of science Integrated teaching material Type Webbed Oriented Guided Inquiry with Theme Rainbow Cake indicate that the advisability study of the results of the validation lecturer and science teacher MTs Al - Hidayah obtained an average yield of 86.4% balanced syllabus , RPP 85.2 % , Book students are 85.3 % , 85.3 % worksheets , and assessment sheet grilles 83.3 % , with a very reasonable or valid category . Enforceability of the learning process can be done well with the average score of all aspects of 3.70 % . Student learning outcomes in the cognitive product gained 92 % completeness level , the cognitive process of acquiring an average yield of 88 % with very good category , the psychomotor aspects of the obtained results an average of 87,75 % with very good categories on the affective aspects of the results obtained average 88.08 % with categori very well . Of the four aspec learning outcomes students completed . Student response  was very positive towards learning device with a percentage of 96.4 % . Keywords :  Guided Inquiry Model , Rainbow Cake , Advisability Tool , implementasion of lisson plan, Student Learning Outcomes , and Student Response




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