Sistem Informasi Berbasis Web Pada J-street Clothing Co. Sebagai Alat Keunggulan Bersaing

Efriliawan Noor Fazrin

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In line with the increasing role of information in business and technology, access to sources of information become increasingly important. Internet technology is a global computer network that is growing rapidly and can now be categorized as the world's largest technology information network. Various companies have replaced their old systems for more info and web-based management with a convenience and advantages, as well as the distro "J-Street Clothing Co." For some time running the company, the management of "J-Street Clothing Co.." Slightly more toward the systems have undergone evaluation system is effective in dealing with company management and the fulfillment of information to customers. Its main purpose so that the company closer to customers, but the question is how to build a website as a provider of information and transactions that make reservations and customers feel comfortable is not constrained by time and known for its competitive advantage ? In this paper the authors analyze the parts of the Information System development, design, implementation, product info and ordering transactions as one solution that could be considered by management. The author suggests that management can add other modules as well as a more enhanced level of security because it related to customer data in order to be more competitive and to be superior.




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