Resolusi Konflik Pedagang Kaki Lima di Semolowaru Surabaya

Tedy Febrianto

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Street Vendor Trade Zone Semolowaru is the largest trade area in the city of Surabaya . The strategic location , which is on the main line Semolowaru , making this region is filled with a variety of activities citizens . The purpose of this study in order to find out the problems that occurred between street vendors with the government in order to serve as an input for the Government of Surabaya to organize and manage the overall trade area , especially with the efforts of the government to organize the layout of the city and make the centers of street vendors . Subjects were the vendors who trade in Semolowaru region . This research is a descriptive qualitative research approach . The data have been obtained and analyzed descriptively using the theory of Johan Galtung . If it is only seen in passing hawkers are benefited with the move on the pavement and the shoulder of the road due to increased revenue , and citizens as the most disadvantaged . To overcome the problem of conflict of Street Vendors and Government seek mutually beneficial resolution or a win win solution . Strategies to do with managing the region by involving the main actors , namely the area surrounding residents , Street Vendors and Government to make local laws that specifically regulate hawkers and create institutions that specifically deal with street vendors .




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