Analisis Pendapatan USAhatani Kakao di Desa Sidole Kecamatan Ampibabo Kabupaten Parigi Moutong

Riani Riani
Journal article Agrotekbis • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Research on the analysis of cacao farming revenue in Sidole village Ampibabo District Parigi Moutong regency aimed at avaluating revenue side grafting for cocoa farmers in the village of Sidole sub-district of Ampibabo regency of Parigi Moutong with used formula π = TR - TC. Data collection was carried out in January-Maret 2014. The calculation result analysis revenue the cocoa farming connect side in the village of Toliba showed that the average reception in received by farmers respondents in one multiply season crop aqualto Rp 7.662.418 /2,10 ha, or Rp 4.370.000 /1,00 ha, while the average total cost incurred during the year amounted to Rp 5.032.525 /2,10 ha, or Rp 2.597.070 /1,00 ha, so that the average farmer's income in one multiply season crop aqualto Rp 2.629.893 /2,10 ha,, or $1.772.930 /1,00 ha. Thereby, you can assume that the use of the cocoa to increase farmer income and in order to improve the welfare of society especially for farmers cocoa.





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