Sistem Navigasi Robot Pengikut Cahaya Berbasis Mikrokontroler Attiny 2313

Prisma Junanda

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


NAVIGATION SYSTEM LIGTH FOLLOWER MICROCONTROLER ATTINY 2313 BASED Robots have an important role in industry. The industry has been using the tool aids in the form of robots that can work optimally. In completing tasks requiring high accuracy, great power and high risk, very necessary work tools such as robotic aids. So that it can reduce the impact of work accident risk. Therefore, the development of robots must be started from deep research primarily on the needs of the sensor. Therefore, research on producing sensor that absolutely must be done in making a robot with sensor which do not depend on the market only, but we can make the sensor itself with a relatively cheaper price. Light follower robot was designed as a research robot. Because as the basic for making the light sensor and as a basic for other sensors associated with the refraction of light, sensor contained within this robot is a hand made sensors. Light sensor consists of a photo diode and the microcontroller used is the Atmel family of ATtiny 2313, because it has a micro-pin and a large amount of memory allocated in accordance with a light sensor that I created. Software used is Bascom-AVR Second mover wheeled robot is a dc motor, gear box is equipped with three acceleration. Due to the large torque also required gear box.




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