Permainan Tradisional dalam Budaya dan Perkembangan Anak

Hikmah Prisia Yudiwinata

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Times are getting faster and much revolutionary change things that have been preserved should be ignored.The game is full of traditional culture, national values, even the elements that are useful for children's develop be ignored. Modern games are considered more practical even more individualistic chosen in the present by children who should know the motor and cognitive game better. In this research the theory used is the cultural theory of Herbert Spencer which saw that the man and the culture has changed with certain stages of simple shapes into complex shapes. And the concept of children's motor development according to Piaget John which saw that game will form a better child cognitive.The purpose of this research to look at the existence of traditional games that have an impact on children's development in the present.This study used qualitative methods to see how the kids were doing the traditional game with the conduct of modern games and effects on child development of both motor and cognitive. The result is children who did traditional game is much more developed ability and character.The role of parents and teachers is also very important to preserve this traditional game that has meaning and tradition. Keywords: traditional games, traditions, child development




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