Analisis Dan Desain Sistem Informasi Penjualan Tiket Kereta Api Pada Stasiun Nganjuk - Jawa Timur

Sugeng Mulyono

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 18 pages)


The development of information technology can improve performance and enable a variety of activities can be implemented quickly, precisely and accurately, so that ultimately will raise productivity. At this time of information technology has started to become an important necessity. In other words we've started hanging with the help of information technology. Information Technology spur a new way of life. PT. KERETA API is a business entity engaged in the travel agency. In their daily sales data is recorded into the ledger and then processed into the reports are still done manually. Recording and processing data manually requires a long time that caused the information produced is not qualified. It is caused because humans have limitations in doing a job, people need a break. In addition, the results of a report from manual processing is usually only a very easily accessible by everyone so that the cause information is not secure. Information that is not qualified could cause the company wrong in setting policies and making decisions so that if not addressed are feared to affect the company'sfuture. Based on the description above, to meet the needs of PT. KERETA API NGANJUK required a system of computerized sales information that can be used to facilitate the company in terms of data processing companies such as storage and data search, making reports and manage user access rights to company data. The goal is to make data processing information systems sales and purchases of computerized to facilitate PT. KERETA API NGANJUK in doing data processing sales quickly so as to produce quality information.




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