Relasi Sosial Masyarakat PPLH Seloliman Program Pertanian Organik

Ana Thosiyah Hardiyanti

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


PPLH Seloliman is one of the institution expert in environmental sector, they make organic farming program for society. The program will make changer of life the society more better thsn before. Process of the program involved some actors. The actors of the program are PPLH Seloliman and society, PPLH Seloliman and society build a relation. The relation of actors become a problem focus, it will describe about role play of actors, succed the program, and last very important it will describe about build the relation between PPLH and society. This research used descriptive study, a theory to explain the relationship between PPLH Seloliman and society, using the theory of subsistence ethics and patronage relation from James C.Scott. The focus of this research on PPLH and society, to researched informant use snowball. Obtain data using observation, in-depth interview and documentation. Result of the research can be explained that the relationship formed between PPLH and society patronage relation. Patronage relation is the form of relation between patron and clien. As the patron is PPLH Seloliman, and as the clien is society. Patron or PPLH Seloliman give the social insurance for society, like give the knowledge about organic farming, and prepare of the product tool free. Clien take the insurance social, and must give something to PPLH as the social responcibility. Form of the social responcibility are continue organic farming, and then through the mechanism of program like determin plant rotation, price of the organict product, and sertification for organic product. That usual to worked the society, because as the form of take and give between society and PPLH. Keyword: organic farmings program, social relation, patronage relation




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