Analisis Dan Perancangan Sistem Informasi Sirkulasi Pada Perpustakaan Sekolah Dasar Islam Al Azhar 31 YOGYAKARTA

Aldina Prastya Faizaty

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 143 pages)


The development of information technology in this era of rapid globalization, it is meant for ease of human life. With existence of information technology, a company can improve its business processes or an agency can increase the effectiveness of its performance. Nowadays information technology applied in many different fields, one of which is education. In connection with the development of technology that all things are computerized, then we also performed with the data processing computer system to make it easier. Data processing system is one of the functions in providing services to meet every demand and management. Good data processing system can always solve the problems that occur and can produce information accurately, quickly and accurately. Elementary School Library Islamic Al-Azhar31 data management books still use manual way is by writing a transaction-siswinya pepinjaman student book on a sheet of paper, in terms of the effectiveness in use is still very less as it takes a long time to write down the identity of the borrower, the title of the book in borrowing, the date borrowed, and date pengembaliaan books. Including the problem of doubling the data borrowers. So from the above problems, the author intends to create a library application based komputerisisasi so data books and data on the borrower can manage quickly and in detail in order to minimize the occurrence of lack of valid data or copying data.




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