Busana Raka Raki Jawa Timur

Reny Sekar Larasati
Journal article Jurnal Tata Busana • August 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Raka Raki of East Java is a mention for tourism ambassador of East Java. Raka is a predicate for boy tourism ambassador, while Raki is a predicate for girl tourism ambassador. The costumes wearing by Raka Raki tourism ambassador is equally important and in this case, it also a manifest of cultural promotion. Costumes of East Java Raka Raki created from the formulation of some humanist, artist, and observer of national costumes in East Java territory. The aims of this research are: (1) describes construction of East Java Raka Raki Costumes, (2) describes color of East Java Raka Raki costumes, and (3) describes meaning of East Java Raka Raki costumes. Type of this research is descriptive quantitative research with data collecting technique conducted were observation, interview, and documentation. Data analysis technique used triangulation that combine three methods those are observation, interview, and documentation. Raka is the term for East Java tourism ambassador Men and Raki is a term for Women tourism ambassador. Raka is Result of this research shows that (1) the construction of Raka costume are basofi with pants and fabric convoluted on hip and wearing closed udeng on head. While for Raki costume are standard kebaya without kutu baru (gear), wearing shawl and long fabric with East Java characteristic motif bang-bangan. (2) the color applied on Raka costume is dark (black) and on Raki costume is varied and dominantly bright. (3) Meaning of Raka costume, 5 buttons on center front of beskap is symbol of Islam commandment, 2 buttons on collar is symbol of two confessions of faith, 6 buttons on cuffs that each consist of 3 buttons is symbol pillars of faith. The fabric used by Raka symbolize the corteous.




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