Fenomena Judi Bola di Kalangan Terpelajar di Daerah Jetis Kulon

Kharisma Wahyu P.
Journal article Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1 Sosiologi UNESA • 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


  Football betting or gambling can be regarded as a social problem that is difficult to remove. It has become a culture in Indonesia and even in the world.  This research aims to determine the social, economic, education, and religion because motive and in order to motive from football gamblers.The research type is descriptive with phenomenology qualitative approach. The research subjects consisted of academics such as students and teachers. The data collection techniques used are primary and secondary data collection. Besides that, the data analysis using the phenomenological theory of Alfred Schutz on Display Because in motive & In Order to motive.The results of this research indicate that environment become the external factors to socializing or expand someone’s network, one of them is by doing football gamble. Whereas the internal factors is the aspects that come from someone’s self.The conclusion is the background that affects someone to do football gambling does not only because money, but evoke because motive that come from the surrounding environment and someone’s curiosity to attend the football gambling begins with just a fad. Then arise in order to motive that aims to socializing or expand someone’s network, entertainment or pleasure, hooby, reputation, and the last is addicted. Keywords: Football Gambling, well educated 




Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1 Sosiologi UNESA

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