Film Kartun “Hari ini Aku Berbohong Kepada Nenek” Menggunakan Macromedia Flash

Riotama Wuryan

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


The level of progress in computing the average, more increase since the beginning of this new century. Internet technology has become global in people enjoy. What was done and made by Europeans, Americans, and even Russia were to follow and be listened to by people in the outposts of another country. And 7 years ago, computer users are happy if the file can be adorned with various kinds of artistic fonts with True Type fonts or clip art to insert funny. Currently, that can be said is booming is the animation. Although already popular animation program ten years ago, but now people will feel left behind if it can not play with an animation program. It is said to play because the animation is not just serious business, but an expression of creativity that occasionally bubbling, creative joke that poured in an animated cartoons from the present circumstances. For those who wants to know how to operate an animation program for the website called Macromedia Flash MX or later 8.Load full details how to prepare the images before the animated objects, recognize the animated form of Layer, Timeline, Frame, Key frame and how to compose an animation to be issued to other media.




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