Modal Sosial Elit Alternatif di Pemukiman Kumuh Kampung Baru Jagir Wonokromo Surabaya

Pera Yunitri Agustina

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


A society there must be a leader who endorsed and recognized by the government. In fact, in Surabaya, precisely in Kampung Baru Jagir Wonokromo have a leader who is not authorized by the government, but is recognized by members of the group. This is because they are a group of marginalized groups who do not have a clear identity and status of the land they occupy the land illegally. This study examines how the role of social capital in Kampung Baru alternative elite, see the social problems that exist in Kampung Baru is very complex as the illegal status of the soil, the identity of which is incomplete and in places on the elite in the group localization but can maintain Kampung Baru until now. The purpose of this research is to know how the role of social capital in the Kampung Baru.Theory alternative elite that used the theory of Social Capital Fukuyama, who mentions social capital is divided into three confidence (trust), reciprocity (reciprocal) and interactions. The research method used is qualitative with ethnometodology approach, using ethnometodology to facilitate researchers in retrieving data because ethnometodology involving researchers directly follow the daily activities of the research subjects. The results of this study that korwil or alternative elite and also mutually influential community in shaping the role of social capital. The first is the social capital of trust that consist believe because of firmness, courage and a lot of relationships, trust that both believe that when there is the issue of evictions and last  believe that when there is outside assistance. Social capital is the second iteration form of interaction when held a formal meeting. The third social capital is reciprocal, the first is when there is a celebration and there were dead and that both comply with the agreed rules. Keywords: Elites, Slums, River Plate, Social Capital




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