Makna Merokok Bagi Perempuan Berjilbab di Surabaya

Natalia Pratikasari

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


  The people consider that woman who smoke has become a common sight in big cities such as in Surabaya. However when the smoker is a women with hijab and wearing of religious symbols, then the people's assessment will be different with women who does not wearing the hijab. There are meaning when a women with hijab is a smoke, as well as a necessity. A method of the research have qualitative with phenomenological approach. The result showed that they are smoke when there is a problem and can be confident. They are smoking because, First : cigarette as a friendship. Because of cigarette can facilitate social activity. Second, cigarette as a requirement. Cigarette can not be abandoned because it has become addictive. Third : cigarette as a lifestyle. Because of life in urban areas smoking  not be a taboo thing to do. An interpretation of the cigarette for women with hijab  because of motive was happened in order to motive that is the cause of women with hijab smoking and the purpose of why they become smokers. Keywords: Woman, Hijab, cigarette 




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