Makna Produk Distribution Store (Distro) Woodland Bagi Remaja di Surabaya

Hardani Setiawan

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


In today's modern society clothes become one of the necessities of life style. This need has become a primary need for people, especially in adolescents. However, the growing era of clothing tends to be a fashion that continues to evolve and has significance for its users. This study raised an issue that is of significance products distributin store (distro) Woodland for teenagers in the city of Surabaya, the intent and purpose of this research is to know about the motives behind the actions of the background and purpose of the teens using these products. Researchers using the phenomenological theory of Alfred Schutz and Anthony Giddens's theory regarding lifestyle. The nature of this descriptive qualitative study with a phenomenological approach. The research method used is qualitative. For the selection of informants researchers chose subjects by means of snowball. Data collection techniques with in-depth interviews and observation, whereas data analysis techniques using triangulation techniques. The result of this study is the significance of the use of the product distributions include the use of quality materials, designs always follow the trend, and products berquantity limited (limited edition). While the goal to get is comfort in every product when used, so that is not outdated, and its products are limited.  Keywords: Teen, Woodland, Product Distro




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