Pendisiplinan Ideologis dan Represif di Smk Kal 1 Surabaya

Tya Purwandhasari

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


SMK KAL 1 Surabaya under the auspices of the Foundation Hang Tuah still using military means to disciplined students. Disciplinary practices students in SMK KAL 1 Surabaya assessed using Louis Althusser's theory suggests that there are disciplinary and disciplinary ideoloigis repressive. This disciplinary practices make all students are in a condition that is believed interpellation of school discipline rules and facilitate students in getting the achievement. The entry of members of the Navy to be a teacher and school principals as well as the ideology that assumes that the military has the full power of school and all members must adapt is a sign of militarism build-in in SMK KAL 1 Surabaya. Implementation of the rules and regulations of the school to instill in each student the apparent awareness that militarism has a positive side for their education. But in fact, the use of physical force in schools dominance tends to be the practice of banditry. Practice makes school banditry in military culture becomes more powerful and institutionalized, due to strong military supremacy in the school environment. Keywords: discipline, ideological, repressive, SMK KAL 1 Surabaya




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