Pola Perilaku Konsumtif Pecinta Korea di Korea Lovers Surabaya Community (Kloss Community)

Lailil Achmada

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


A Korean Wave is now becoming the new pop culture that is favored by all teenagers in the world. Through serial drama and Korean group songs were often played, there was a change arising from the Korea Lovers began to imitate what they see by taking various items that can show his identity as a Korea Lovers. This study aims to determine the pattern of consumer behavior Korea Lovers in Korea Lovers Surabaya Community (KLOSS). This qualitative study uses Alfred Schutz's phenomenological approach that seeks to understand how society was formed. The results of the study is either a change in consumption patterns, attitudes, and tastes since they became Korea Lovers. They tend to be more consumptive use of money in their pay monthly or to spend absurd needs and that are not important things. They tried to show the distinction himself with others as a Korea Lovers with consume Korean products and dressed like his idol artist. Keywords: Korea Lovers, Korean Wave, Consumer Behavior. 




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