Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Matematika Materi Pengolahan Data Menggunakan Media Grafis di Kelas VI Sdn Jantiganggong II Perak Jombang

Kiki Ari Ardhani

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Preparing data is one of the material for learning that is studied by sixth graders which contists of collecting activity and reading data, interpreting and serving data. In learning of interpreting data activities is better to include students actively not only is making diagram and intrerpreting data, but also when collecting data, student need skills in making table and diagram that come from students experience and others. In making table of serving data needs media, in order to make studying more interesting, student want to study and include studying, media that is used in this chance is grapic media, it is one of visual media that combine facts and ideas clearly to deliver mesangge from sender to receiver. The caft that is found by researcher in SDN Jantiganggong two Perak Jombang, teacher as the center, student feel boring, and studying is stiil convensional that focus on book. So tjt it is also influences the result of study, and teaching and learning activies. Because of it researcher used classroom research action (PTK) by using graphic action research is planning research, action, observation and reflection, tht is one data. So that researcher used two ster, that is instrument test, observation checklist for student and teacher and interview to collect data. The result of this research is student activities increase from 60% to 90%, teachers activities increase from 60% to 80% anf result of studying increase from 82% to 89%




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