Pola Interaksi Sosial Pelaku USAha Home Industry Batik Erna di Kel. Surodinawan Kec. Prajurit Kulon Kota Mojokerto

Hikmah Nur Abidah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Writing Batik is one of Mojokerto city typical superior products wich production by home craftsmen batik. Home Industry Batik Erna is one of them.To keep opening and increase its existence in the business world,  both from the entrepreneurs , workers and  government ( diskoperindag ) braiding relation typical stages and good. This unique relation make between business players without understimate aim prime and standing each other  common interests.  This research is qualitative research with Herbert Blumer Symbolic interactionisme study aims to describe what it is fact field and analyzed using the theory of Social Interaction. Herbert Blumer said, action or response actors is not just the mere spontaneity of reactions from action person toward others, but based on the meaning given to the actions of others. An interpretation that will actors use to determine  reward  for the opponent at that interaction. Emphasis on in-depth interview method in data compilation, while the determination of the informant is done with  Snowball sampling. Place of this study is in Mojokerto city at Home Industry Batik and the subjeks are Home Industry Batik Erna Business Player. Technical data used interview and observation technique while engineering analysis of data used descriptive analysis technique. At all the data save by fieldnote and categoied as the kind of. This study shows that the structure of the relationship formed in home industry Batik Erna arising from social transactions (social interaction) businessmen who corroborate and profitable. Although the business logic is generally adopts the principle of capitalism tends on capital optimal economic matter to obtain material gain as big as possible, exactly home industry Batik Erna can expand it wings with the braid relation (relationship exchange) between businessmen who seeks emotional commitment (moral) than to give priority to economic value. Keywords: Home Industry Batik Erna,  Business Player, & Social Interaction




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