Proses Sosialisasi Anggota Komunitas “Hardcore Punk Sidoarjo (Hcs)”

Ilham Pamungkas Sara

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


  Stage of the socialization process enables humans to form and regulate their behavior socialization George Herbert mead. This research was conducted in Sidoarjo With research subjects Hardcore community members Sidoarjo (HCS) data collection technique using the interview technique. The results of this study indicate that the process of self involves a process of socialization and the influence of social psychology in the process. In the socialization process also often use symbols to communicate with other community members that distinguishes the HCS community with other youth community. taking into account the expectations of others who become their interaction partners such traits are also in the hard core community. In komnitas Hard core sidoarjo (HCS) there are different ideologies espoused serves as a symbol to distinguish with other communities. HCS community is one community that affect mostly among teenagers in Sidoarjo who like hard core music. This study aims to determine the patterns of socialization sidoarjo hard core community members. This study is qualitative by using the theory of symbolic interaction and three-stage process. Keywords: Community Hardcore Sidoarjo (HCS), Symbolic Interaction, Socialization Patterns




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