Fenomenologi Gaya Hidup Mahasiswa UNESA Pengguna Pakaian Bekas

Arik Dwiyantoro

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


The second-hand clothing often regarded as ‘taboo’ by some society. Second-hand clothing is regarded as ‘taboo’ because it has negative impacts. The negative impact is a bad image of the wearers. Thus, there are no many people to wear the second-hand clothing. The second-hand clothing is increasingly popular by the presence of a garage sale of second-hand store or online shop. In this research, the writer explains the factors that influence UNESA students in wearing second-hand clothing. This research also discuss how the UNESA students to interpret in wearing second-hand clothing and way of the lifestyle that developed by UNESA students as wearer second-hand clothing. This research uses qualitative research by using descriptive approach. The approach used in this research is an approach phenomenology of Alfred Schutz. This approach is there is ‘because of motive’ and ‘in order to motive’ of UNESA students’ action in wearing second-hand clothing. This approach is analyzed by using rationality theory of Weber. This results of this research show that the interpretation of UNESA students in wearing second-hand clothing is as a life style of trend fashion. They chose it because second-hand clothing is affordable, famous brand, unique, limited edition, high quality materials, adding their collection and looks fashionable. In wearing second-hand clothing, they are influenced by their family and social environment, the presence of second-hand clothing shops and mass media. The second-hand clothing manifests as an object of wearer are sought after by UNESA students to fulfil their need and as their lifestyle. Keywords: The secondhand clothing, life style, Fashion, Because Of Motive, In Order To Motive




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