Penggunaan Media Flashcard Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar IPS Pada Pembelajaran Tematik Di Sekolah Dasar

Lailatul Maghfiroh

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


To increase students result in Social science of the third grade student in Profession theme, the teacher do Clasroom Action Research. The goal of this observation is to improve the teacher and studets activities during the learning process, to increase students score on social science result by using flashcard media and to describe the obstacles during the learning process. This research is divided into two cycle by using descriptive qualitative and quantitative in the technical analysis. It is done in three steps. They are planning, doing and observation, and reflection. The data is collected by the researcher and helped by two observers. The observers are the third grade teacher and other teacher in the same school by filling the student and teacher activity's form, assessment form for student. The data is collected from the result of the observation in the class and the score of Social science result. The result of the research shows that the activity of the teacher increases 13,3% from 76,3% in the first cycle become 89,6 in the second cycle. Wrile the activity of students increases 12,5% from 76,8% in the first cycle become 89,3% in the second cycle. In other side the students classical competence result 24,3% from 69,6 in the first cycle become 93,9% in the second cycle. From the research, it can be concluded that the using of flashcard can increase the student Social science result in the third grade student of Denanyar II Jombang state elemantary school.




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