Resistensi Gerakan Mahasiswa terhadap Kapitalisasi Pendidikan (Studi Organisasi Eksternal Kampus di Unesa)

Moh Taufik
Journal article Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1 Sosiologi UNESA • 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


The involvement of intellectuals in the social movement world is a response to the socio economic and political conditions that it is still not able to prosper the peoples. This study examines form the resistance the student movement against the capitalization of education. This study uses the  powers concept from Michel Foucault and  hegemony theory from Antonio Gramsci. This study uses qualitative research methods. Researcher have a subject that is the functionalist   extra campus  organization SMI (Indonesian student union) and GMNI (Indonesian national student movement). Informant selection techniques  is with manner purposive. Data collection techniques using observation and indept interview. Method data analysis techniques with a qualitative descriptive. The results of this study, there are several extra-campus organizations that perform resistance based on the existence of education capitalization. next is form of resistance that is done through the establishment of the consolidation of several extra-campus organizations to conduct discussions on the situation of the campus to form an alliance as a union between extra-campus Organization then respond with sticking pamphlet, leaflet distribution, and demonstrations action. Last is there effort to weaken the student movement performed by bureaucratic campus  with   a wild student discourse, discourse Unesa which will be a world class university, the many of infrastructure development, entrepreneurship classes, competitive curriculum system, up to horizontal conflicts with intra-campus organizations. Keywords: Extra Organization, Bureaucracy campus and Resistance.




Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1 Sosiologi UNESA

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