Kelayakan Lembar Kegiatan Siswa (Lks) Berorientasi Inkuiri untuk Melatih Keterampilan Berpikir Ilmiah pada Pembelajaran IPA Materi Zat Aditif dalam Makanan dan Minuman

Ratna Indrawati
Journal article Pensa: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains • 2014

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Based on the result of observation in a junior high school in Bojonegoro, student worksheets used do not  contain activities that help students to discover concepts independently by scientific approach. This shows that scientific thinking skills of the students are still low. The involvement of students in learning activities is very limited, so students are passive. Thus, a source of learning that can activate the students by inquiry oriented worksheets for training scientific thinking skill is needed. This research aims to produce student worksheets based on inquiry for training scientific thinking skill which are feasible. In addition, the objective of this research is to describe the feasibility of the student worksheets based on the result of review. The type of this research is a development research using Research and Development (R&D) model that consists of three steps, i.e. introduction, development, and evaluation. However, this research is conducted for the first two steps. This research produces student worksheets based on inquiry which are feasible based on the result of review with averages score of  ≥ 3. Key words: Worksheets, inquiry, scientific thinking




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