Penerapan Pendekatan Mastery Learning untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa dalam Pembelajaran IPS Kelas IV Sdn Gresik

Putri Utami, Lia Heryati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Based on the results of observations on state elementary school of Gresik, especially in fourth grade student, indicating that the learning process is still oriented to the teacher (teacher centered). In addition, students are simply told to read the book material, without any help of learning tool that is used in conveying teaching materials. And if there are students who get score below minimum completeness criteria standards (KKM), teachers do not provide assistance to students involved to fix it. These resulted less maximal student learning outcomes are achieved. The objective achieved are, describing the effectiveness of mastery learning approach to improving student learning outcomes, describing the activities of students and teachers during the social studies process with implementing mastery learning approach, and describe the constraints faced by students during learning using a mastery learning approach and describe how to solve problems faced by students in learning with mastery learning approach. This study uses data analysis techniques using both qualitative and quantitative approaches to obtain data through observation methods, tests, and interviews. The data obtained analyzed and presented in the form of qualitative and quantitative descriptive. The experiment was conducted in three cycles. The results showed that by using mastery learning approach can improve student learning outcomes with the average value obtained in the first cycle amounted to 73 (65%), second cycle at 77,9 (82,5%), and the third cycle amounted to 81,31 (92,5%). In addition, the results also showed an improvement in teacher activity, student activity, student affective, and psychomotor students. It can be concluded that the material development of technology, communications, and transportation and the experience of using it can be taught by mastery learning approach because it can improve student learning outcomes in learning.




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