Strategi Bertahan Hidup Janda Lansia

Enita Fitrianingrum

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


The life of old period often are perceived negatively as the family. This research aims to know the survival strategies of the elderly widow in kedung tarukan Gubeng, Surabaya district recently. This research was qualitative in nature with etnometodelogi approach. The theory is used, i.e. the theory of James s. Scott about the ethics of subsistence. Determination of the subject using a purposive technique i.e. elderly widows who have routines in addition to the domestic sector. Data collection techniques in the study was carried out in two ways: primary data and secondary data. Technique of data analysis used the descriptive analysis techniques. Results of the study concluded that the elderly widow use three ways to survive made by James Scott. First, the elderly widow can tie the belt tighter. Second, the elderly widow do alternative subsistence to be able to survive. Third, the elderly also use relationships or social networking as a strategy of defending her life. Keywords: Survival Strategies, Subsisten, Elderly, Etnometodology.




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