Rancang Bangun Website SMP Negeri 4 Tempel Berbasis E-learning sebagai Sarana Informasi dan Pembelajaran

Dzulafkar Nurangkasa • Latif Nur Setiawan

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 18 pages)


Development of Science, computer-based information technology today has become a central concern of society in general, especially in technology and information systems using Internet-based media. Title of final project we made the “Building Website SMP N 4 Tempel Based E-learning as a Means of Information and Learning.” The technology used among others to use PHP as a programming language, MySQL databases, CSS, Javascript and some other technologies that make your website a dynamic and interactive. Features such as news about the school, photo gallery, profile page teacher, student news, guest book, e-learning, online exams tryout and other features. After conducting a series of observations to study the process by making the program so this final objective: To provide information to the public SMP N 4 Tempel, As a promotional tool SMP N 4 Tempel, the process of learning the students can be done online that is by doing an online exam workmanship tryout.




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