Pengembangan Desain Busana Pengantin Pinjung Iras Putri Bojonegoro

Chafidhotin Alfiah
Journal article Jurnal Tata Busana • May 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


  Pinjung Iras Putri Bojonegoro wedding dress is traditional wedding dress from Bojonegoro that was rarely interested in the society because of  the design was ancient and lost with the use of bridal. Intricate use is also a consideration bride and wedding organizer. Design development is an attempt to modify the design of Pinjung Iras Putri Bojonegoro wedding dress whithout eliminates the  characteristic. The purpose of this research was to obtain design the of Pinjung Iras Putri Bojonegoro wedding dress more modern, aesthetic and ergonomic value. So the bride would be desirable to re-use a traditional wedding dress . The method in this research is descriptive qualitative. Data were collected by using observation, interview and documentation. The data were collecting at Bojonegoro. Interview techniques used to dig up information of  Pinjung Iras Putri Bojonegoro wedding dress. Observation techniques used to observe the characteristic and to verify the results of the interview. Documentation techniques  is used to prove the existence of Pinjung Iras Putri Bojonegoro wedding dress   in the past. The results showed that the development of the design Pinjung Iras Putri Bojonegoro wedding dress implement elements of design that is lines and colors. Line element that applied is a curved line that has a flexible meaning and color combinations that symbolizes purity, prosperity and firmness. While the design principles applied are accents, balance and unity. Accents applied to the skirt draper, the balance being applied is asymmetrical balance, unity in this design lies in part a skirt that did not leave the grip. From interviews with the expert, the development of the design when viewed from the ergonomic aspects of the results are more convenient, practical and comfortable for user, because fashion is created is by using zippers, hooks and right across the bottom coupled fashion so it is more practical and efficient. It can be concluded that developing a design Clothing bride Pinjung Iras Putri Bojonegoro helpful for businessmen bridal services.   Keyword: Development Design, Wedding Dress, Pinjung Iras Putri Bojonegoro




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