Analisis Wacana Perselingkuhan di Kalangan Salesman Farmasi PT .Sun Hodos Pharma Sidoarjo

Siti Maqfiroh

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


  Harmony a purpose of a complete in marriage. Some things are achieved for happiness and harmony., but did not rule there are problems and conflicts. Among  the other couples trail the high job mobility  or workalholic with the justification of self actualization or family future,resulting in affair. This research uses the qualitative method of discourse analysis Brown and Yule. This research investigates investigates the discourse that is formed from the affair that occurred among pharmaceutical salesman.The male actors who worked as a salesman in PT. Sun  Hodos Pharma Sidoarjo, interpreting affair based on personal experiences of each. They have a different discourse in any case experienced. They had an affair with different reasons and purposes. Among other things because the condition of family is not harmonious, sexual needs, lack of communication, and the desire adventure. Keywords : Discourse Analysis, Salesman, Affair




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