Peningkatan Hasil Belajar Operasi Penjumlahan Bilangan Bulat dengan Media Wayang Kartun di Jalan Bilangan di Sekolah Dasar

Mamluatul Karomah

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This study was began from the observation that was done by the researcher in the teaching-learning process of mathematics in SDN Klangonan Gresik.The researcher finds some problems, such as the less of learning process effectiveness, the less of active student, and unused learning media as the modal in delivering learning materials to the students. So these understand and activities are less pleasant. This case ultimately affects students ability, as evidenced at initial finding percentage of students who complete mathematics daily test only by 54,17% (KKM 70). Based on these problems, the researcher does improvement by using cartoon wayang on numeral way as media to increase the students ability of integer calculation. The purpose of this study is to discribe the teacher's activity, student's activity and the students learning outcomes in following mathematics lesson of integer calculation by using “cartoon wayang on numeral way” as the media. The research uses classroom action research plan which is done in two cycles. The subject in this research is students of fifth grade in SDN Klangonan Gresik and the location of the research is state elementary school Klangonan Gresik. The data collecting technique is observationsand students learning result. The data analysis technique uses quantitative analysis technique. Teachers activity has increased over the two cycles, first cycle is 87 % and the second to be 95%. Student activity has also increased, the cycle I is 83 % and in second cycle is 90%. Percentage of students learning outcomes completeness has increased, in cycle I is 62%, and in second cycle to be 91%. It can be concluded from the result that the using of cartoon wayang on numeral way media can improve the students learning outcome of integer calculation in fifth grade of SDN Klangonan Gresik.




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