Konflik Sosial Warga Pereng Akibat Pembebasan Lahan Tol Sumo di Sidoarjo

Intan Diany Rachmawati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Toll roads as highway toll roads function as one solution to parse congestion. The development of highway construction becomes a problem when the construction of access passes residential areas, conflicts arise between people with the land acquisition project to build the Surabaya-Mojokerto toll road. The conflict began when the socialization of P2T (Land Acquisition Committee) came to the house one by one that would be affected by highway projects to negotiate the price with the owner of the house, but the price offered when it was rejected. This study was conducted to analyze the social conflict in the development of citizens Pereng Surabaya-Mojokerto toll road  people react to the project bid do and complaints of citizens on the Government to intervene to provide the perfect solution for people affected highway projects. File obtained by using purposive. File analysis techniques that support for this study using the theory of Lewis A. Coser conflict, how conflict arises and runs then any value of safety (safety valve) as well as roles in social conflict. The final conclusion is that the conflict between the residents and the highway construction projects pose a realistic conflict, the people are not willing insisted land for the construction of toll roads for various reasons, but the main cause is the absence of a price agreement approved by residents of P2T. Residents are conflicting formed solidarity or integration which also affects other people that do not agree on the price offered. Compensation settlement process was discussed through consignment which is the last point of the complaints of citizens regarding the desired price.  Keywords: Conflict, land acquisition, toll roads




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