Pengaruh Jumlah Tawas terhadap Hasil Pewarnaan Dylon pada Bulu Entok sebagai Aksesoris Headpiece

Pink Dian Gh
Journal article Jurnal Tata Busana • May 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


  Alum is double sulfate salts of aluminum sulfate used to clarify water or dye mixture. Alums has properties dark white crystal, transparent, strengthen color. These substances used as mordant in using of Dylon. The purpose of this research was to know result  of coloration dylon and the influence of alum quantity toward result of coloration on Entok Fur As Accessories Headpiece. Type of this research was experimental research. The independent variables in this research was of mordant, that was alum and quantity that were 5 grams/liter, 10 grams/liter, and 15 grams/liter. It dependents variable was result of coloration. Data collecting technique used was observation, analyzed with one way anava statistic using SPSS 21 program with significance α= 0.05. The result of data analysis that  result of coloration dylon  on flatness of color and sharpness of color by quantity of alum 5 grams/liter in category is not well, quantity of alum 10 gram/liter in category is good and quantity of alum 15 grams/liter in category is very good. There is influence of the quantity of alum 5 grams/liter, 10 grams/liter, 15 grams/liter that result of coloration dylon terms of aspects flatness with significant α= 0,00 and aspects sharpness with significant α= 0,00. Based on data analysis result and discussion could be concluded that result of coloration dylon  on feather Entok as accessories headpiece with quantity of alum 15 grams.liter is very good and there is effect on the quantity alum result of coloration dylon on feather Entok as accessories headpiece  in terms from flatness of color and sharpness of color.   Keyword : quantity of alum, coloration, dylon, feather entok, accessories headpiece.




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