Perancangan Dan Implementasi Game 3d “Welcome to Javanese” Dengan Tipe Game Simulasi Menggunakan Visual C#

Abdul Gofar

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 18 pages)


3D Games become widely popular these days. The price of the technology, that can only become cheaper, is one of the reason why. Indeed, 3D game Developments demand more efforts, but using game engine it make more easier. This game development head for documentation and promotion site of java tour, that give knowledge to user. This game was build using Microsoft Visual C# and Neoaxis Engine. The configuration test result that recommended game configuration using DirectX, the functions at plugin game engine will work optimal. Beside the Post Effect Rendering test show High Dynamic Range,Glass, OldTV, HeatVision, Radical Blur, Blur, GrayScale, Invert and Tiling.




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