Restorasi Stigma Bonek di Surabaya

Silfi Arifiyanti
Journal article Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1 Sosiologi UNESA • 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


  Bonek is one of the largest supporters group and the oldest in Indonesia. Therefore, Bonek become a group of supporters who are often be the spotlight of public. It is common knowledge if Bonek has a negative stigma in the wider community. Not a bit of Bonek groups that contribute to remove the stigma. This research raised the issue of why there is stigma and how to remove the stigma. This researchis qualitative descriptive with subjek of research are member of Bonek community. Using labelling theory of Howard S. Becker and Symbolic Interacsionism by Mead. The data accumulation technique using observation and interview technique. The analyze data using step of reduction data, presentation data and conclusion or verification. Result of this research indicate that Bonek not at all do the riot. The stigma that develop in public are not the riot act who always they do, but the mass media join to creating that public opinion. The mass media contribute on recover that stigma Keywords: Bonek stigma, restoration stigma




Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1 Sosiologi UNESA

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