Penanggulangan Kemacetan dan Kebutuhan Alat Transportasi di Kota Surabaya

Uzair Akhmad Mahfudhi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


  Surabaya region that continues to expand causing a wide range of complex issues in today's urban life. Ranging from minor problems to major problems though always present in any development larger cities. Minor problems such as self-discipline, while a big problem as the problem transportasi.One of the most frequent problems faced by the people in the big cities is the problem of transportation for people, food, machinery, and services become an increasingly serious problem. The researchers took the title for Congestion Mitigation and Transport Needs in the city of Surabaya in this paper. The purpose of this study was to determine what are the things which cause congestion and public transport problems happened big city like Surabaya and how to mitigate them. In this study, researchers used qualitative research methods research that aims to understand a phenomenon of what is going on and experienced by a study subject. The location was taken in this study is the Stasion Purabaya Bungurasih Highway A. Yani Surabaya and Surabaya. Data collection in this research by using primary and secondary data. The findings, researchers get the top solution Congestion Mitigation and Transport Needs in the city of Surabaya is creating mass transit, road-building alternative, Keywords: Transportation, Society, Surabaya, Congestion




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