Mitos Keluarga Presiden Sby dalam Media Sosial Twitter

M. Andrias Eko A.

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


This research examines the family mythologies of President SBY in social media twitter. By using the semiotics of Roland Barthes (denotation, connotation, myth), this study is a critical analysis of the photographs related SBY's official twitter account, especially that represents the family photograph. The main objective of this study is to critically dismantle various representations, ideology, and the myth of "family" that presented in the photos. This research using the descriptive qualitative method with the semiotic approach. Semiotic approach are used mainly in this study also uses the model developed Roland Barthes, which includes signifier signified, denotation connotation, and also a mythologies. By using the theories and methods of semiotics Roland Barthes, it can be seen a variety of denotation and connotation meaning of various family photos displayed by president SBY. Two levels of meaning (connotation) is obtained from family photographs SBY include, SBY’s family narcissism, representation of Javanese middle class on SBY’s family, and eating out culture on SBY family. The conclusion of this study shows that in family photographs were displayed SBY on twitter social media presents three myths, namely the myth of narcissism, the myth of javanese priyayi family, and also the myth of eating out culture. Keywords: mythologies, family, semiotics




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