Penerapan Strategi Quantum Writing untuk Meningkatkan Keterampilan Menulis Narasi pada Siswa Kelas IV di Sekolah Dasar

Mey Pratiwi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Based on the results of observations in SDN Jajartunggal I Surabaya, showed a tendency when learning to write, students just stare at a book or a sample of the teachers so that students find it difficult to develop these writings. Other problems, students are given the freedom to write, but often not followed up with a seriousness that is written by students not in accordance with the spellings and the correct structure of the essay. To improve writing skills elementary narrative in SDN Jajartinggal I Surabaya, have a applied an interesting learning strategies, in strategies that support Quantum Writing essay writing, especially narrative essay, Quantum Writing for the procedure are the stages that enable the student to write the narrative. The purpose of this study to describe the implementation of learning, student learning outcomes, and constraints and solutions in the application of Quantum Writing to improve the skill to write narratives. This study uses a research design classs action. Subjects in this study were teachers and fourth grade students, which numbered 33 people. Data collection techniques using observation techniques, the test, and field notes. Achievement of learning has increased from cycle I to cycle II. Teacher activity in cycle I by 90% and cycle II by 100%. Students score increased, the percentage of student success on the cycle I by 78,78% an 100% for the second cycle. From the results it can be concluded that by implementing a strategy of Quantum Writing in narrative writing can improve the skills to write narratives in the fourth grade students in SDN Jajartunggal I Surabaya and give the feel of a fun learning and making students active, enthusiastic and passionate in writing.




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