Minat Konsumen terhadap Produk Bordir di Indah Bordir Sidoarjo

Inda Ardini
Journal article Jurnal Tata Busana • August 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


  Indah Bordir is a complete Muslim fashion boutiques. By making various kinds of clothing that consumer needs.Indah Bordir products are always up to date, therefore consumers are more interested in buying their product. This research is a quantitative descriptive research. The object of this research are consumers who purchase in Indah Bordir products. The method of data collection is using questionnaires and collected data were analyzed using the percentage formula and then descriptive. Consumer intereststo Indah Bordir can be concluded from the aspect of quality and service are product promotions through social media and service is very friendly and well-dressed and the price of the product is in accordance with the quality of the product. Furthermore, consumer interests in terms of quality of the product of Moslem  fashion designs and kebaya is always up to date and accordance with the trend, as well as consumer choices compared to other products. The wonderfull effort of embroidery attacts consumers by utilizing social media and up to date according to fashion trends in design and motifs on its products, effectively as a selling power that can lure consumers.   Keyword: Consumer interest, Emboroidered products in indah bordir Sidoarjo.




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