Praktik Sosial Pemenangan Pemilu Legislatif Dprd Kota Surabaya di Kecamatan Tambaksari Kota Surabaya

Dedy Frassetyo

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


The many diverse, starting with the president, legislative elections to the regional election. But discussed this is legislative elections of surabaya city council where the form of winning general election that being the main focus. Social practices will explain in depth about winning elections legislative council by using the concept of (habitus x capital) + field = social practice Belonging to pierre bourdieu. The concept of this to see habitus from each side for winning general incumbent from PDIP and cumbent from PKPI. Capital which is owned by both teams winning it is right of pdip and pkpi , as well as the sacred printing who became battle arena habitus and capital which is owned by a team winning. By using a qualitative , the approach of genetic structuralist owned by pierre bourdieu , the position of researchers as Participant observer Habitus to know that capital and used the team winning .The subject of research team is winning from pdip and adri caleg pkpi consisting , the team success and a supporting base .Practices and is the result of social capital habitus dipertarungkan in the domain of that which will produce a form of winning general election in accordance with good hope of winning both teams. Keywords : Election, Social Practice, Winning General




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