Strategi Orangtua dalam Membantu Anak PRA Ujian Nasional di Kota Jombang

Ely Sulistiowati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


The national test is an assessment of competence of learners nationally with graduation standards that have been approved by the Ministry of National Education. The high standard of these values make anxious parents with their son's graduation, it encourages parents to perform a variety of ways in order to help their national exams. The purpose of this study is to determine how the strategies of parents in an effort to help children pre- national exam in Jombang City, as well as why they chose that strategy. This study uses Max Weber's theory of social action. According to Weber, the individual taking action based on experience, perception, and understanding of a particular stimulus object. Weber uses the concept of rationality in the classification of types of social action, which is instrumental rationality, value-oriented rationality, Traditional action, and action Affective. The method used is qualitative method with phenomenological approach which holds that what appears on the surface is just a phenomenon of what is hidden from within the individual as the perpetrator. This study suggests that the strategy of the parents consists of two categories, namely the actions that are rational and irrational. Rational action of which is to put children into tutoring agencies, attention, affection, and maintain both physical and psychological health of children. As for irrational action is to hold salvation, asking for help shamans and clerics. The strategy they choose not independent of the destination, and facilities that they have to be able to perform a specified action option. Keywords : Strategy, Parents, National Exam, Rational Action, Irrational Action.




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