Pengaruh Lebar Pita terhadap Hasil Jadi Sulam Pita Teknik Spider Web Rose pada Sarung Bantal Kursi

Setia Rochmawati
Journal article Jurnal Tata Busana • August 2017

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  Ribbon embroidery is a decoration that can be retrieved by sewing many various kinds of Puncture Techniques to a certain fabrics until it forms a decorative design. The aim of this study is for knowing the resulf of Ribbon embroidery with Spider Web Rose technique with the width of the ribbons of 0,75cm, 1,5cm, and 3cm and for knowing the effect of the ribbon’s width to the result this the technique of Spider Web Rose to the chair’s or sofa’s pillow cases. Data collection method that is used in this study is through the observations of 30 people, consists of 5 Fashion Teachers and 25 PKK students that has been studied the major of decorating appreciation with the technique of data collection of single Anova with SPSS program. Statistic shows that there is an influence of ribbon’s width to the ribbon embroidery with the spider web rose technique to the chair pillow case if it is based on the petal’s shape aspect and ribbon twist. In overall, petal’s shape is using the ribbon’s width 0,75cm has mean value of 2,13 with the category of “good enough”, in ribbon’s width of 1,5cm it has the mean value of 3,43 with the category of “very good”, and in ribbon’s width 3cm it has mean value of 2,36 with the category of “good enough”. In overal based on the ribbon’s twist that uses width 0,75cm has mean value of 2,16 in category “good enough”, in 1,5cm has mean value of 3,40 with the category “very good”, in 3cm has meav value of 2,50 with the category “good enough”. And we can conclude that the best Ribbon Embroidery with the spider web rose technique is using the width of 1,5cm. Impact from ribbon’s width with that technique to the pillow case is the flower will seem more blooming and seem more layers on the shape, and those things will also influence the shape of the petals and the twists   Keyword: Ribbon embroidery, spider web rose technique, the resulf, and ribbon’s width




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