Upaya Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Melalui Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Stad Pada Mata Pelajaran IPA Kelas VI Semester I Sdn Sidodadi I / 153 Surabaya

Muhlasin Muhlasin

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IPA is one of the subjects that arranged systematically, in the form of knowledge, facts, concepts related to the nature and fonomena occur in everyday life, and can be used as a vehicle to learn about yourself and the natural surroundings. The purpose of this research is to improve student learning outcomes, student activities, and the activities of teachers in an effort to use STAD cooperative learning models in science teaching in particular on the specific characteristics of animals. The approach used in this study is action research and conducted in two cycles. This study measures starting from the planning, implementation or action, observation and reflection in the form of cycles. Data were obtained from the results of observations, the results of the evaluation. The results showed that increased student learning outcomes after the act of learning to use cooperative learning model from cycle I gained 65.80% while the value of the second cycle to obtain a value of 85.38% increase is an increase in the learning process and the results of the evaluation at the end of each lesson cycle. Conclusion that cooperative learning model to improve student learning outcomes, student activities and teachers in implementing the learning activities in the classroom.




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