Hegemoni Bimbingan Belajar dalam Pelayanan Jasa Pendidikan

Yulianto Amsalis

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


This research purposed in order to determine the process and forms of hegemony Primagama tutoring on student consultation services conducted by the tutor to the student, tutor to parents and parents to students. Of the three actors that researchers want to see the shape of a counter hegemony conducted by students and parents to tutor. In this study, researchers used a qualitative descriptive approach to data collection through participatory observation, interviews, and documentation. Researchers using participatory observation in order to be able to see and observe phenomena directly. This research using purposive sampling technique and snowball sampling. Techniques of data analysis through data reduction, data presentation, and data verification. The results showed that the process of hegemony there are mechanisms in an effort to maintain hegemony. is a depiction of the data interpretation process conducted by the tutor for students to be affected to take certain majors. This method is very effective in helping the process of hegemony. This interpretation is done through the medium of a computerized tutor. Moreover, in the process of interpretation, insight knowledge tutor in the college should be wider than the students in order to avoid misunderstandings in absorbing information. In the process of hegemony konsis formed a relation of Intellectual traditional conservative, traditional Intellectual professionals and students. Besides hegemony konsis, there’s such hegemony promotion and smart solution. Before giving hegemony, Primagama has deployed various ideologies through the promotion process so that it is possible to facilitate in providing hegemony Keywords : Hegemony, Intellectual, and Primagama




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