Stratifikasi Sosial di Komunitas Slow (Surabaya Lowrider)

Arvin Angga Tri W.

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


In urban communities, the existence of a community as has mushroomed in various places. Even the community is very familiar sound in the ears of the community at large. Do not know the young old age all mixed together in a community. Community as a way of life for the people of the city and into a separate prestige value to people who are following such a community. The emergence of these communities invite the audience of lowrider bikes to participate in forming a community. Community is intended as a forum for users to appreciate lowrider its ideas and creations. For most public lowrider bike is still common because the demand is indeed not so much as other bikes. Therefore, it appears as a lowrider community will answer it. Lowrider bike community was deliberately aimed to introduce to the public. In a community must have formed an organizational structure, where the structure will indirectly lead to a social stratification. Status that has been carried by one of the members of the community with or without realizing later it will create a gap and cause skating-skating among the members of the community it self. Keywords: community, lowrider bikes, stratification




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