Analisis dan Perancangan Mobile KTP (Kartu Tanda Penduduk) pada Pemerintah Kota YOGYAKARTA

Herlambang Priantoro

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


Today information technology has grown so rapidly, various lines of life have been vying to be able to utilize progress of these technologies to facilitate their work. So that expected that the work can be completed quickly, and accurately. Along with the spirit of the government in order to implement e-government systems to create a government that is transparent, clean and accountability is required in order to facilitate the role of technology jobs. One of them is in the process of creation / renewal KTP , during this process of making / renewal KTP requires applicant to be physically present in the each process. This will quite time-consuming for applicants with an adequate level of busyness high, given the high economic activity in the City of Yogyakarta. Bureaucracy complicated and cumbersome and tend to the emergence of "charges" also became one of the factors causing the process of making / renewal of KTP to be impressed old and not transparent. Besides the required data as requirements for making KTP are also still in the form of sheets of paper which have the potential for lost or damaged, so can not used again when needed. If the factors mentioned above are not addressed soon, then worry about the community will be reluctant to doing duty as citizens is to do the creation / renewal of KTP that will eventually lead to some demographic issues such as elections in 2009 in the case of DPT yesterday. By So we need a system of creation / renewal of KTP can trim the bureaucratic process is too long and time-consuming enough. So that people can make the process of creation / KTP requests without being limited space and time.




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