Implementasi Pembelajaran Penemuan Terbimbing pada Materi Pencemaran Lingkungan untuk Melatihkan Keterampilan Proses Sains Siswa di SMP Negeri 3 Waru

Lelly Zeni Arlita
Journal article Pensa: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains • 2014

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This study is aimed to describe the feasibility of a learning process, the activity of science process skills during the learning process, the results learning outcomes of science process skills, and the response of students through the implementation of guided discovery learning model. The type of research is Pre-experimental Design with one group pretest and posttest design. The results showed that the feasibility of the learning process on each aspect and phase has an average around 3.00 to 3.42, while the very good criteria are around 3.50 to 3.75. The science process skills activities including defining a problem, formulating hypotheses, identifying variables, designing experiments, analyzing data, concluding and communicating, that comes with the average percentage of students who can work alone, has increased from 1st meeting until 2sd meeting. The Increased knowledge of science process skills students has the n-gain of an average score of 0.67 while achieving classical completeness of 73%. Student’s response positively at implementation of guided discovery learning with material of environmental pollution, obtaining an average percentage of 92.01% with very strong criteria. Keywords: Application, Guided Discovery Learning Model, Science Process Skills, Environmental Pollution.




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