Prostitusi dan Kontrol Sosial Masyarakat Sedati Ngoro Mojokerto

Lumatul Faizah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Social control against deviant sexual behavior shaped of prostitution . Prostitution lead free sex legalized . It is immoral to violate the norms of the social environment Sedati.. The implementation of social control still a construct among local residents . to observe the required analysis of the causes of this construct . By observing the phenomenon dialetic community in the form of externalization , objectivation, and internalization . This study used the theory of social construction of Peter L Berger . This study used a qualitative approach with a phenomenological perspective Peter L Berger which in its explanation , that the social construction of community is very influential in social practices implemented by the community itself . Subject research are citizens Sedati , subject collection technique using purposive sampling technique of collecting data through observation and in-depth interviews . Data were analyzed using an interactive model of Miles and Huberman. Social control and deviantbehavioris very kontradiktif. Both of them are inseparable . In Sedati residents there are some people who do social control of deviant sexual behavior by using media religion , pollutes LINMAS , and customs . Some of them do commodification of the social control by providing security services performed by RT , home rental service of the citizens , and migrants in Sedati who is a pimp . The adjustment process in the presence of a prostitution citizens in their villages , is the stage of externalization . The efforts of citizens in sorting out which behavior will be identified is objectivation stage . Residents decided to exercise social control and conduct of the commodification of social control is the stage of internalization . Where individuals or groups already identified themselves as members of the institution . Keywords : Social Control, Deviant sexual behavior, Social construction Perter L Berger.




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