Peta Interaktif Pariwisata Jambi

Lulu Kharisma Sakti

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 20 pages)


In the current development of much needed information for the general public as well as guide the development of an interactive information where someone wants to know where the location information or an object in a place that wants to cruise by the user information. Most of the dissemination of information is always using the media brochures, books, and media websites, but it is wonderful for information be made more interactive and can be traced widely in easy and inexpensive with the use of media information in a map of a location information interactively packed. Currently tourist information in a very poor area, most tourism information for the widest range geratis not so lazy or ignore the widest range of any information that they themselves need it most. Therefore, the author has an idea to which an interactive information medium for the widest range geratis made to the interest to find out more tourism information and want to explore an area visited by the user or users. From the observation of the author, the program that made this geratis interactively and the only one who was in Indonesia so that petitioned for this program can also be approved in future development could be beneficial for the development of interactive information inofasi packaged geratis.




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