Karakteristik Petani Kopi

Rini Susanti • Buchori Asyik • I. Gede Sugiyanta
Journal article Jurnal Penelitian Geografi • 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


This study aimed to investigate the characteristics of the coffee farmers who live in the village of Bukit Bukit Kemuning Kemuning District of North Lampung regency in 2011. Pressure point studies on (1) the age of the head of the family coffee farmers, (2) the level of formal education head of the family coffee farmers, (3) the number of children who owned the head of the family coffee farmers, (4) the number of dependents of the head of the family life of coffee farmers, (5) extensive land holdings coffee farm family heads, (6) the level of heads of household income coffee farmers. This study uses descriptive. The data was collected using the techniques of observation, documentation and questionnaires. Analyzing 621 heads of family coffee farmers and samples taken as much as 10% in order to obtain 60 families of coffee growers, the data in the analysis is the percentage of engineering. The results of this study most have: (1) the majority (95%) belong to the productive age family heads. (2) the majority (70%) heads of household basic education (elementary / junior high school), the majority (21.67%) and a high school education (8%) higher education, (3) most (85%) the number of children held is (≥ 3 People), (4) most (61.66%) the number of dependents coffee farming family heads relatively large ≥ 4 people, (5) the majority (71.67%) heads of household land holdings coffee farmers is moderate (0.50 to 2 ha), (6) the majority (56.67%) heads of household income level of low coffee farmers is below the average of Rp 350,000/mount




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